Washington Square Tour

 Washington Square Tour

Washington Square Tour:

Washington Square has seen a lot of change over the years.  Once a tobacco field irrigated by Minetta Creek, then a potter’s field full of cholera victims, then a parade ground for the New York State militia (see above) . . . the center of Knickerbocker New York, the home of NYU, the scene of love-ins and be-ins and countless demonstrations . . . there’s a lot to experience around Washington Square.

postcard 300x200 Washington Square Tour


A postcard from earlier times.  A man looks through the arch up 5th avenue.  The buildings are low–the modern apartment towers have not yet replaced the Rhinelander mansion one the left side of 5th avenue.  Horse and buggy traffic is free to pass through the Square and flow into Greenwich Village by way of Laguardia Place.


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