Wall Street Tour

 Wall Street Tour

Wall Street Tour:

A famous painting of the intersection of Wall & Water Streets in the late 18th century.  At left is the three-story brick Tontine Coffee House, the first home of the New York Stock Exchange.   See those brokers on the veranda of the coffee house?  They’re executing trades, just like their descendents in the pits of the NYSE, right up until 2005 when the exchange went digital.  It was called a “coffee house” not because they served coffee, but because they traded it, along with other commodities.


Captain Kidd House 1691 300x143 Wall Street Tour

Today, Wall Street has a bad reputation–a bunch of thieves and pirates, right?  Ah, but they weren’t the first.  See the large, white house at left overlooking the water?  That’s was the home of Captain Kidd.  He was a pretty influential guy in New York society before the Brits hanged him for piracy.  Unfortunately, modern Wall Street pirates only get a slap on the wrist and a billion dollar bailout.


Notice where the water is?  That’s why they called it Water Street, though now the coast is two blocks away.  And do you see the wall in the background?  That is the “wall” of Wall Street.


Our Wall Street Walking Tour explores all of the hidden history: with audio narration, hundreds of photos, video clips, trivia quizzes, and local recommendations.  Did you know that one of the best restaurants in old New York was also a secret stop on the Underground Railroad?  Did you know that one man (JP Morgan) once saved the entire US financial system all by himself?  Or that the first inauguration of a US president took place not in DC, but in New York City?  We’ll show you where Washington took the oath of office and the home of the first Jewish congregation in America.  We’ll introduce the founding fathers and financial titans, the oldest buildings in the city and the most famous skyscrapers.  Our New York walking tours put you on the spot and tell the story as never told before: fully interactive and fully fun, and you can share all of our photos and stories on Facebook and Twitter.  Go ahead.   Get walking.  Download Racontrs now to your Iphone or Android.


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