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 SoHo Tour

SoHo Tour:

Forefather to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, Puck Magazine was America’s original satirical monthly, commenting on, and sometimes affecting, the outcomes of political elections throughout the last half of the 19th century. Its former headquarters anchor the northern end of Soho.


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New York’s first theatre district began on the SoHo stage of Niblo’s Gardens with the production of America’s first musical.  Opening on September 12th, 1866, “The Black Crook” featured 100 beautiful girls in tights and spectacular stage props.  It ran for 475 performances, turned a million dollar profit on an initial investment of $50,000. American showbiz was on its way.


Across the street in 1866, you could have found P. T. Barnum and his Freaks: General Tom Thumb, the world’s most famous midget; Jumbo the Elephant; the Fiji-Mermaid (which Barnum made up by sewing the torso of a monkey to the tail of a large fish); and Chang and Eng from Siam, who gave birth to the term “Siamese Twins” — they were a randy pair, and sired over 20 children between them.


Just down Broadway was the store of the jeweler Charles Tiffany.  The city’s swankiest row of bordellos ran right behind it on Mercer St.


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