Old Manhattan Tour

 Old Manhattan Tour

Old Manhattan Walking Tour:

The 4th oldest settlement in the United States, Mannahatta – the Island of Many Hills – welcomed the first Europeans just seven years after the Jamestown Colony was founded, and six years before the Pilgrims made landfall at Plymouth.  But unlike their younger rivals in Boston or Philadelphia, Manhattan’s old Dutch streets have refused to become a museum, and instead continue to pulsate with the nation’s business.  The first presidential mansion, the headquarters for Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and for Vanderbilt’s shipping empire; the center for immigration prior to Ellis Island; the seat of government and the hub of transportation around the world’s busiest harbor. Old Manhattan buzzes with four hundred years of vibrant history.
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Hudson Arrives – 1609
Four hundred and two years before the modern 9/11, another foreigner arrived at the tip of lower Manhattan and changed its future even more forcefully: Henry Hudson and crew aboard the Half Moon arrive in New York Harbor.

 Old Manhattan Tour

Old Manhattan


Our Old Manhattan Walking Tour begins in Bowling Green, the first park in North America; passes through Battery Park; and ends up near Wall Street, in the heart of the island’s colonial streets.  Standard Oil, the world’s largest oil company; Castle Gardens, which welcomed millions of immigrants before the opening of Ellis Island; Battery Park and the expansion of the coastline; New York Harbor; the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; South Ferry and Whitehall; the Stadthuys whence Peter Stuyvesant governed the city . . . these and more are covered during our walking tour of lower Manhattan.


Our New York Walking Tours explore all of the hidden history of this exciting city like never before: with audio narration, hundreds of photos, video clips, trivia quizzes, and local recommendations.  Did you know that Manhattan used to be a much smaller island?  We’ll show you where the shoreline used to reach.  Did you know that a public street runs right through an office building?  Or that New York almost lost the Statue of Liberty to rival cities?  We’ll introduce the explorers and settlers, the generals and statesmen, the immigrants and titans, the saints and the sinners.  We’ll put you in the steps of history.  It’s fully interactive and fully fun, and you can share all of our photos and stories on Facebook and Twitter.  Go ahead.   Get walking.  Download Racontrs now to your Iphone or Android.




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