Little Italy Tour

 Little Italy Tour

Little Italy Tour:

During a fifty year span beginning in 1876, some four and a half million Italians came to the US, the vast majority through New York Harbor and Ellis Island.  By 1910, half a million native Italians resided in New York City. Even within Little Italy, still more insular enclaves formed.  Most of the people who lived on Mulberry came from Naples; those from Elizabeth Street were from Sicily; Mott Street, from Calabria; and most of the people north of Mott, came from Bari.  Back then if a boy from Mulberry Street married a girl from Elizabeth Street it was considered a mixed marriage.


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But before it became Little Italy, this piece of New York was known as the infamous Five Points, a den of crime and sin.  When social reformer Jacob Riis went exploring how “the other half” lived, he stopped by Bandit’s Roost just off Mulberry Street.  It was considered by many the most dangerous street in the city.  Check out these tough guys — would you feel safe walking in there?


Tour Little Italy with us and see Umberto’s Clam Bar where the Colombo Family finally caught up with Joey Gallo in a spectacular assassination that Bob Dylan sang about; visit the old NYPD Headquarters (now a condo full of supermodels) where they had built an underground tunnel connecting to a nearby speakeasy and bordello . . .


Take our Little Italy Walking Tour and learn the hidden history.  Do you know how the neighborhood NoLiTa got its name?  Do you know which bar has been the scene of dozens of famous movies?  Or where gangsters used to sell liquor during the height of prohibition?  We’ll show you where Frank Sinatra drank and where Donald Trump loves to eat.


Do you know why a Catholic Cathedral in an Italian neighborhood is named after an Irish Saint?  Do you know where the most spectacular murders in New York City took place?  Where the gangsters hid and the celebrities love to hang out?  We’ll show you the movie scenes and best places to eat.  We’ll show it all to you, like never before: with audio narration, hundreds of photos, video clips, trivia quizzes, and local recommendations.  Our New York walking tours put you in the shoes of history.  It’s fully interactive and fully fun, and you can share all of our photos and stories on Facebook and Twitter.  Go ahead.   Get walking.  Download Racontrs now to your Iphone or Android.


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