Greenwich Village Tour

 Greenwich Village Tour

Greenwich Village Tour:

From Woody Guthrie to Archie Leach (aka Cary Grant), from Mae West to Joe Gould and Charlie Parker, Greenwich Village has always been known as America’s little Bohemia.  Even Santa Claus plays a role in this fascinating cul-de-sac of Manhattan, protected by its quirky streetgrid from the hustle of greater New York.


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From its beginnings as a farming community on the outskirts of town, it offered refuge to those trying to escape city life and later for free-thinkers trying to escape the conformity of American society.  Even after the city grew over and around it, the Village retained its own set of values, which attracted the likes of Jack Keroac and Truman Capote, Dylan Thomas and Jackson Pollack, O. Henry and Maya Angelou.  For decades, countless artists came to the Village for its creative culture and its cheap rent.  But it ain’t so cheap anymore.  Nowadays living in the Village requires more cash than talent.  In fact, many Hollywood stars make a home in the Village.


Our Greenwich Village Walking Tour explores all of the hidden history and charm of New York’s bohemian center like never before: with audio narration, hundreds of photos, video clips, trivia quizzes, and local recommendations.  We’ll show you how the landscape has changed and how it’s remained the same.  We’ll introduce the mobsters and celebrities, the politicians and artists, the landmark buildings and infamous crime scenes.  Our New York walking tours put you in the steps of history.  It’s fully interactive and fully fun, and you can share all of our photos and stories on Facebook and Twitter.  Go ahead.   Get walking.  Download Racontrs now to your Iphone or Android.


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