City Hall Park Tour

 City Hall Park Tour

What began as a grazing common and then served as a poorhouse and a jail eventually became the site of New York City Hall.  Finished in 1812, this marble palace looked south over the city.  To the north was all farmland.  Pictured here in 1819, St. Paul’s Chapel is at far left, barely visible; beside it is the newly built mansion of John Jacob Astor, beaver magnate and real estate investor.  Broadway is graded with dirt, and livestock still scamper among the buggies and wheelbarrows.  The future financial capital of the world still had a long way to go.


broadway barnum 1848 300x200 City Hall Park Tour

But the pace of urban development will soon accelerate beyond anyone’s expectation. Within a generation, New York’s population will double and then double again, and this bucolic life of country gentry will be buried under by an insatiable city dominated by indomitable men: Astor, Boss Tweed, Horace Greeley, Joseph Pulitzer, PT Barnum.


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