Central Park Tour

 Central Park Tour

Central Park Tour:

Central Park, New York’s greatest monument, begins at Grand Army Plaza.  Above you’ll find the original Savoy and Netherlands Hotels– today home to the GM Building and the Sherry-Netherlands– overlooking Fifth Avenue at the foot of Millionaire’s Row.  Our Central Park tour begins here as well.


Horace Greeley, the famous Civil War editor of the New York Tribune, visited here as the first portion of the park was nearing completion.  He looked around and said: “Hmmm—they have left it alone better than I thought they would.”  But he was dead wrong: the land had been completely transformed.  It had been nothing but a dismal swamp, surrounded by squatters’ shacks in a commune known as “Pigtown.”  They used to say that you could smell Pigtown from six blocks away.


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But if Greeley could make that mistake, then obviously it was a common one, for most Manhattanites had never been up this far north.  But the greatest park in the World was no mean feat.  It’s not like they just built a fence around it and left it alone.  In fact, it was probably the greatest act of landscaping in world history.


More gunpowder was used to excavate it than in the entire battle of Gettysburg.  270,000 trees and shrubs were planted and 6 million bricks were laid by 20,000 workers over the course of 10 years.  The total cost of $10 million was more than 3 times the city’s annual budget in 1860.  Did you know that Tavern on the Green, once America’s highest grossing restaurant, began as a sheep barn?  Or that during the Great Depression, hundreds of homeless families set up tent cities in the middle of the park, called “Hoovervilles”?  In fact, the city got rid of the sheep because they were afraid that the homeless squatters would kill and eat them.


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