Brooklyn Bridge Tour

 Brooklyn Bridge Tour

Brooklyn Bridge Tour:

“Babylon had her hanging gardens, Egypt her Pyramids, Athens her Acropolis, Rome her Coliseum . . . and so Brooklyn has her bridge.” 


So read a Brooklyn grocer’s sidewalk sign in 1883.  Nothing could symbolize the grandeur of New York, or of America at large, better than the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was bigger, taller, longer and heavier than anything ever conceived before.  And the East River was so fast and so deep, it seemed impossible to ever lay a foundation.  Had it not been for the harsh winter of 1867, which so choked the river with ice that ferries could no longer cross it, the project might have waited another generation.  Upon completion in 1883, it rose from the Earth like twin monoliths from a lost age of giants.


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Its towers were the tallest manmade objects this side of the pyramids.  Its foundation sunk more than twice as deep as anything built before; its vast weight was the heaviest load ever slung beneath twisted cables.  In every sense, it was a testament to the derring-do of 19th century America, and the work of one of its greatest engineers: John Roebling.


Download our Brooklyn Bridge Walk and learn the hidden history behind the bridge: the genius and tragedy of the family that conceived and built it; the torment and struggles of the men who worked in the trenches; the jubilation of the city upon completion of the bridge, finally united across the East River.  And from the heights of the Brooklyn Bridge we’ll show you the panorama of New York City and share intimate stories of its many neighborhoods: gangsters, hipsters, artists, hookers, sailors, politicians and generals.  Our New York walking tours put you in the shoes of history.  It’s fully interactive and fully fun, and you can share all of our photos and stories on Facebook and Twitter.  Go ahead.   Get walking.  Download Racontrs now to your Iphone or Android.


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