Niblo’s Garden: Birth of the Broadway Musical

In 1827, William Niblo built a set of interconnected stages and garden with its entrance on Crosby, near the corner of Prince, and over the years, it grew to become the largest theatre in America with a capacity of 3200.  Here it is in a drawing from the mid-1800s.

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Balthazar NYC

At one time, wholesale leather merchants occupied all the little storefronts along Prince. The last remaining leather merchant actually occupied the same site as Balthazar, a magnificent French bistro and New York institution, which you’ll find under red awnings.

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The Murder of Bill The Butcher

The building located at 577 Broadway was once a popular bar named Stanwix Hall, frequented by millionaires and criminals alike, where politicians would socialize with the leading figures of the underworld.  The Martin Scorsese film, Gangs of New York, was based upon the real life Bill “The Butcher” Poole, who ruled crime in New York for decades before being killed in Stanwix Hall.

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